‘Good old things:’ Collectors gather to open first, indoor flea market on Northside


TUCSON, Ariz. — Tucson's first, indoor flea market is opening on Sunday, Nov. 19 with over dozens of vintage and antique curators selling classic pieces. From CDs to clothes straight out of the 1970s, there's a piece of history in every inch of the building. Co-organizer Barbara Shuman says the building hosting the flea market is built on top of her childhood home.

"My parents were left with a big empty space. So, I wanted to find a way to use the building," she shared.

For one of the vendors, Mary Vanceza, collecting "good old things" is something that was passed down through generations of her family. Now, she's excited to continue spreading her passion for vintage antiques at First Avenue Flea. She's owned her shop Miss Century Marvels Vintage for about 10 years.

"We really hate to see these wonderful things end up in the land fill," she esaid. "So it's like we're helping teach others a little bit about history and the value of holding on to good old things."

The First Avenue Flea, which is at 3239 N. 1st Ave., will open for the first time Sunday, Nov. 19 at 7 a.m. and closes at 2 p.m. But the market reopens every third Sunday of the month.​​


Vintage Land, LA’s Only Rooftop Flea Market, a Cultural Hub That Celebrates Local Makers

LA's only rooftop flea market, Vintage Land, a cultural hub that supports local businesses and offers a unique space for vintage enthusiasts, is set to open on January 6th and 7th, 2024

Los Angeles, California, -- Vintage Land, under the umbrella of The Odd Market, established in 1991 by founders Phillip Dane and Shelly Dane, is a cultural hub that supports local businesses and creates a unique space for vintage enthusiasts. With over 200 sellers of vintage goods and artisanal crafts, Vintage Land is more than just a market, it’s a curated experience for seekers of handcrafted local treasures, located on an entire block at 1030 Alpine Street, Los Angeles. The grand opening on January 6th and 7th, 2024, promises a continuation of the unique atmosphere that has enchanted visitors for over three decades.

The Danes, who are the creative force behind Vintage Land, expressed their vision for the market, stating, “We want to empower and support local designers, people who are creating their own unique pieces as we have done for the past 30 years.”

The market, operated by the couple, will also feature the Vintage Land Rooftop Cinema Series showcasing classic films, and new releases. Vintage Land will be a central hub for vintage finds and unique experiences every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm.

In keeping with Los Feliz Flea, Vintage Land is a highly curated market that is a must for anyone with a taste for nostalgia. The Instagram account, curated by Shelly, provides a sneak peek into the vintage collection, reels from past events, and more. It's a virtual tour that captures the essence of the market and the treasures it holds.

In addition to vintage collectibles, Vintage Land features live music from emerging bands, rotating guest DJs, and a full bar serving mocktails, cocktails, and delicious food and drinks. Nestled just off Sunset, where DTLA meets Echo Park, the market's central location, with its complimentary garage parking, and free admission is sure to be a hit with Angelenos.

Phillip and Shelly, the masterminds behind Los Feliz Flea, have been shaping the event-planning industry for over three decades. Their commitment to curating unique and engaging events is evident through the success of Los Feliz Flea, Odd Nights at The Autry, and over a dozen other events they’ve produced over the years.

As Phillip Dane puts it, "People look forward to what's happening there next week, who's going to be there next week? It makes it exciting and fun." The anticipation generated by Vintage Land is not limited to its offerings; it extends to the vibrant community it brings together every week.



Thieves arrested after stolen bike shows up for sale on flea market app


Police in Izumi, Osaka Prefecture, have arrested two high school students, aged 16 and 17, on suspicion of stealing an electric bicycle and then attempting to resell it on a flea market app.

According to police, the bike owner, a 39-year-old man who lives in Kishiwada City, saw his bike, which was stolen in early November and valued at 190,000 yen, listed on the app and pretended to be an interested buyer, Kyodo News reported. After exchanging messages with the suspects via the app, he notified police.

Police traced the bike to a housing complex in Izumi and staked out the building. The 17-year-old boy who lived in an apartment there was arrested Tuesday. The other boy was arrested later in the day.  

Additionally, police said they found five other stolen electric bicycles at both boys’ homes.


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